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Professional Services

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Business, Project & System Support

Combining people, process and technology

Changing software solutions for any size organization can be difficult. But for SMBs, having the trained personnel to lead and execute projects, or to administer and support solutions, may not be a reality.

Our Comprehensive IT services

  • Prepare your organization
  • Manage your implementation
  • Upgrade your software
  • Migrate your data
  • Configure your software
  • Automate your processes
  • Train your employees
  • Administer your environment

Business Readiness

Readiness Assessment

Implementing new software can be a major change for an organization.  Readiness assessments provide the insight that the leadership team needs to ensure a successful project.  By identifying early any roadblocks or missing technology, the project team can build a more effective scope, timeline, budget and resource requirements.

Business Process Redesign

As companies grow, not only will their revenue increase, but the demands on their systems, processes and people will too. We help companies analyze and redesign their core business processes for better performance, productivity, and quality.


We believe that empowering employees is key to a company’s success. Proper training on new software or offering training as a part of the onboarding process will make a difference in your daily operations. We offer a range of training solutions on the technologies that we support, from custom to on demand – both customized and generalized versions.

Change Management

Company-wide communication, personnel allocation and education, direction and decisions from the top-down – these are vitally important to the success of any project.  We guide our clients through the process of managing the change in their organization to ensure the best outcome.

Project Implementation

Project Management

Successful projects have several common attributes, including: the project was clearly defined and supported from the executives of the organization, the timeline was correctly drawn and followed, the correct resources were allocated at the right times, and the spending budget was accurately defined and strictly managed.

We understand the challenges of delivering a successful project and have helped dozens of companies across America implement software solutions.  We offer project management services with our proprietary methodology that delivers results.

Migration, Integration & Implementation

Moving to new software, or a new platform, can be daunting.  We offer a range of solutions to support your transition, from full-service to single service in the areas of: data migration, systems integration and solutions implementation.

Customizations & Custom Applications

Because every company is different, some clients need customizations or integrated custom applications to enable special functions, calculations, or data fields that are not offered in the standard product.  We help our clients with full-service design and build solutions to ensure that their unique business needs are met.

Solutions Architect & Administration

Not all of our clients have dedicated Solutions Architects or Administrators.  We provide these services before, during and after projects implementing Microsoft and Custom Development projects to ensure the systems and customizations are designed and deployed to a high-level of standards.

System Support

Customer Portal

We developed a Customer Portal to give our clients quick access to their account information, online scheduling of calls or meetings, online reporting of support requests, and online request for adding or removing user subscriptions.

Enhanced Support

We understand that not every client will have solutions experts on staff and may need additional resources.  We offer our clients advanced-level product support and staff augmentation as additional services.

Customer Communities

We have developed communities within Yammer for our customers to share their experiences and learn from each other.  We provide educational content and deliver webinars, as well as links to articles and resources.  We also post notifications of any Microsoft-related systems’ issues which may impact our clients’ daily processes.

Solutions Architect & Administration

Solutions Architects and Administrators are key players in ensuring that development and system administration follows best practices for system architecture.  We offer ongoing architect and administration services as our clients continue to grow and enhance their systems and processes.

Our Professional IT services will support your organization and systems as you grow.

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